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Peace Now Settlement Watch Report 2016 – stark increase in construction

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(Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

Published: 23 May 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Israel has approved some 5,500 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since president Trump was inaugurated in January this year. Last Sunday, Peace Now released a report on construction in a previous 9-month period.

Peace Now’s Annual Settlement Construction Report 2016: Stark Increase in Settlement Construction – Peace Now Settlement Watch report 21.05.17
Some key findings:

  • 1,814 new construction starts in a 9-month period, 34% more than in similar period in previous year

  • 70% of new starts were in settlements east of Geneva Initiative border (i.e. in settlements unlikely to be retained by Israel), 26% were east of the separation barrier, 6% were in illegal outposts and 10% of the construction was illegal

  • plans advanced for a further 2,657 housing units, 60% east of Geneva Initiative border and nearly 40% east of the separation barrier

  • two new outposts established in Jordan Valley

  • construction of new road begun on land confiscated from Palestinians

  • 2,342 dunams declared ‘state lands’ south of Jericho

  • municipal jurisdiction of Gush Etzion extended to include a new settlement site

  • advancement of a new settlement, Shvut Rachel East, deep in the West Bank

  • approval of new industrial zone west of Ramallah

And see: 70% of new settlement construction is outside blocs, group claims – Jacob Magid & ors ¬ The Times of Israel 21.05.17
Peace Now says building up 34% in 2016 from year before; Yesha Council slams data as misleading.


Settlement blocs – more problematic for peace than distant settlements

Israel deepens its control of land in the West Bank

Israel approves new settlement for West Bank

Israel resuming pre-Oslo policy of vast de facto land confiscations

Some settlements a lot worse than others?


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