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Racial segregation in some Israeli maternity wards

TJI Pick
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Published: 9 April 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Racist comments by a notorious Israeli right-wing MK have redirected attention to racist practices in some Israeli maternity wards.

'Another terrorist is born': the long-standing practice of racism and segregation in Israeli maternity wards – Ido Efrati – Haaretz 05.04.16
While no hospital in Israel has a policy of separating Jewish and Arab patients, testimonies show segregation is implemented in wards with doctors and management turning a blind eye.

Lawmaker backs segregated Jewish, Arab maternity wards
– The Times of Israel 05.04.16
Bezalel Smotrich says he doesn’t ‘enjoy’ Arabs’ company because they’re ‘enemies’; Revital Smotrich kicks out Arab obstetrician, says she wants Jewish hands touching her baby; Bennett: all are ‘created in God’s image’

‘Baby steps’ towards mutual understanding
- Tehila Friedman-Nachalon - The Times of Israel 07.04.16
The policy of separating Arab and Jewish women in maternity wards, that Dikla Aharon has exposed, saddens me, not just on a personal level, but also because it’s a terrible mistake on the national level. Actually, as a society, we need precisely the opposite policy. We need more safe interactions – as many as possible – between people from different backgrounds.

Reported Jewish-Arab hospital segregation prompts action
– Israel Hayom 07.04.16


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