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Security for Netanyahu’s prosecutor ramped up over ‘high level of threat’

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Published: 14 August 2020

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Police are searching vehicles to protect Liat Ben Ari; PM puts an ugly foot on Mandeblit’s throat; Sara Netanyahu blasted after claiming she was ‘battered’ by protesters

Netanyahu incites and whines – and shows worrying signs of totally losing it (Haaretz)
YOSSI VERTER: Every line in the insane letter PM sent to the attorney general was false, exaggerated or distorted, and like the odds of him adhering to coalition agreements, the risk to his personal safety is zero

Israel police tighten security for Netanyahu’s prosecutor over 'high level of threat' to her life (Haaretz)
To protect Liat Ben Ari, the police are adding vehicle searches for bombs, based on intelligence assessments classifying her as under high level of threat; source says security officials expect risk level to rise

Women’s rights groups, activists bash Sara Netanyahu for claim she is ‘battered’ (Times of Israel)
PM’s wife criticised for claiming to experience ‘sexual violence’ from protesters; MKs respond to her claims that they won’t condemn threats against her

PM slams Mandelblit for not stopping threats; A-G: Baseless claims (Jerusalem Post)
Netanyahu asked Mandelblit what he would do if the sexual threats were against his own wife, singling her out by name

Knesset rejects bill that would stop Netanyahu from running (Jerusalem Post)
During the debate on the bill, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid faced off against each other

Photo: Prosecutor Liat Ben Ari (Screen capture)

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