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US Jews at odds over Holocaust analogies regarding detention centres

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Published: 21 June 2018

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Groups are clashing over legitimacy of invoking Holocaust in protests about US policy to separate illegal immigrants from their children

Jews clash as Shoah comparisons for Trump detention centres spiral (Haaretz)
With immigrant children torn from their parents and the US president warning that migrants will ‘infest’ America, some say Holocaust parallels are impossible to ignore. Others say such analogies are dangerous

Amid battle over migrants, debate on terminology dredges up Holocaust history (Times of Israel)
On Wikipedia and Twitter, fight rages over whether facilities where US is detaining migrants can be called concentration camps despite Nazi baggage of term

Jewish activists are helping families separated at the border (JTA)
When Mary McCabe explains America’s immigration courts to children who have been separated from their parents, she tries to make it interactive.

She draws a sketch of a courtroom and asks kids to identify the figures in the room — like the judge or the lawyers — and where they sit. For younger ones, ages 6 or 7, she brings a box of crayons and a sketchpad for doodling. Older kids sometimes play with a toy that drips coloured oil into water. Anything to give them a little diversion from her discussing why they are apart from their parents — and what happens next.

Photo: women in Washington DC hold an interfaith rally against the policy (Fox)

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