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US racism and Jewish occupation blindness

TJI Pick
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DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.; DR. RALPH BUNCHE;  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel;  Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

Published: 20 August 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The problem Isn’t Black Lives Matter. It’s the occupation. – Daniel May – Tablet Magazine 15.08.16
How Jewish criticism of the rights group reflects our own moral confusion about the last 50 years of Israeli politics.

And see:

Why do Black activists care about Palestine? – Emma Green – The Atlantic 18.08.16
A controversy over anti-Israel statements in the Movement for Black Lives political platform shows the long history of tension between Jews and blacks in the US.

Doubling down on Black Lives and America’s teetering soul
- Rabbi Sharon Brous – Jewish Journal 17.08.16
I call upon my colleagues and friends to try to understand why the struggle for justice in Israel/Palestine feels so resonant for so many young activists fighting for their lives here in America. And I similarly ask that friends and fellow activists work to understand why it is that so many Jews - empathic and awake, people who strive to see God’s image in human beings and justice on our streets - continue to hold a deep and inviolable connection to Israel.

Black Lives Matter takes on the occupation
August 16, 2016


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