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Who will keep Turkey running after Erdoğan’s purges?

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Published: 26 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Like Stalin, Erdoğan likely to be left with no personnel to run, defend country, Israeli expert says – Ruthie Blum – The Algemeiner 24.07.16
According to Prof. Dror Ze’evi, this kind of extensive purging - in the name of internal and national security - is reminiscent of 1930s Soviet Russia. In Turkey’s case, with an asymmetrical terror war going on, a lack of seasoned military professionals is likely to have a negative effect on Ankara’s ability to bolster security and defence.
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And see:

Hey, BDS-loving professors watching the assault on academic freedom in Turkey: Why so quiet?
– Liel Leibovitz – The Tablet 21.07.16
Curtis Marez, when asked why the American Studies Association was singling Israel out and not, say, Russia or China or Turkey: ‘One has to start somewhere.’ Well, professor, you’ve started somewhere, and now you have to keep going. If you want to boycott Israel but not Erdoğan’s dictatorship, there’s an old and useful term that might describe you well.

Erdoğan’s own coup continues
July 19, 2016
Many would argue that Turkey was already in the throes of a slow motion coup d’état, not by the military but by Erdoğan himself. For the last three years, he has been moving, and methodically, to take over the nodes of power.

BDS and the Dynamics of Self-Righteous Moralism
October 17, 2015


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