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‘Diaspora Jews: Don’t move to Israel’

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‘Diaspora Jews: Don’t move to Israel’

Published: 25 August 2023

Last updated: 5 March 2024

The “people of the book” have become the “people of the land”. The future of Judaism depends on the Diaspora, argues Israeli writer B. Michael.

For decades now Jewish history has been experiencing a complicated, creeping reversal. Israel’s arrogant pretence to be the representative of all of Judaism, the leader of all of Judaism and the refuge of all of Judaism, is gradually being exposed in all its emptiness. Nor is anything left of the Zionist delusion, except for enormous quantities of evil, lies, racism and idolatry.

The “people of the book” have become the “people of the land” – that is, ignorant. The book no longer interests them very much, only the land is important.  

Therefore, my dear Diaspora brothers, the torch is being passed to you. From now on, you are the keepers of the flame. You are in charge of proving the existence of a sane version of the Jewish people. You are responsible for maintaining a rendering of Judaism that is not shameful.

This new job that has been assigned to you from now on carries grave historical responsibility, but its practical implementation is very easy: Simply do nothing. Remain what you are, who you are and where you are. That’s all. There is only one thing about which you must be very strict: Under no circumstances should you “make aliyah”.

 Look at what is happening here to government, ethics, religion, truth, human compassion. Also, do not send your children here to seek thrills and adventures. The only things they will see here are hatred, evil, domination and racism. Their young souls will struggle to overcome the temptations of power and supremacy.

Therefore, for your sake and for ours, stay where you are. Model normal Judaism. In your mind’s eye, see Abraham Joshua Heschel and not Bezalel Smotrich. Dennis Goldberg and not Itamar Ben-Gvir. Simone Weil and not Orit Strock.

‘Diaspora Brothers and Sisters, don’t make aliyah’ (Haaretz)  

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Photo: Migrants arrive in Israel (Tomer Neuberg)

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