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Israel is not ready for a mass migration of world Jewry

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Israel is not ready for a mass migration of world Jewry

Published: 5 December 2023

Last updated: 5 March 2024

As the Diaspora faces increasing safety concerns, OFER PETERSBURG considers the possibility of a sharp increase in aliyah.

Demonstrators worldwide are chanting slogans of hatred and slander against Jews.

Molotov cocktails were thrown at a synagogue in Germany, Stars of David were vandalised on residential buildings in France, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated in Austria, and Jewish shops and synagogues were attacked in Spain.

Despite everything we've been through – most recently the current war in Gaza, with at least 1200 killed, about 240 kidnapped, and thousands injured – the understanding that there is no safer place for Jews than the land of their ancestors persists. Here, you'll never need to hide your Judaism, and war is always justified.

Let's remember that Israel hasn't yet used its real powers: its smart bombs, intercontinental missiles, F35 jets, and the full force of its air force. Even American backing won't affect this – and overall, there won't be room for humanitarian considerations in an existential war. A scorched earth approach can destroy entire countries.

Such a war will also bring the world's Jewry in their masses to Israel. However, there's a big question of whether the mass absorption from the world's nations will succeed and be managed after the chaos of receiving refugees. Israel has again shown its weakness: There needs to be a comprehensive and unified plan.

On the other hand, developers are ready with hundreds of apartments for occupancy. Hopefully we won't end up playing games with the world's Jewry, with too high a cost per square meter.

There is interest from world Jewry due to the situation and the weakened shekel certainly helps with the price.


Is the Diaspora Jewry's future in peril? (Jerusalem Post)

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