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Misogynist pick for IDF chief rabbi

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Eyal Karim

Eyal Karim

Published: 16 July 2016

Last updated: 4 March 2024

Israel's army doesn't need a rabbi to settle 'debate' on wartime rape – Noah Feldman – BloombergView 14.07.16
‘A close analysis of his comments and their background in classical Jewish law suggests the critics may be right, notwithstanding the rabbi’s later efforts to offer more context… But perhaps the real message is that the job of chief rabbi of the IDF shouldn’t exist at all. The army of a democratic state doesn’t need a leader who will apply ancient texts to contemporary wartime issues.’
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A misogynist, homophobic, racist chief military rabbi is probably best Israel can do – Anshell Pfeffer – Haaretz 14.07.16
‘The internet has opened up the closed world of halachah (rabbinical law). Now anyone can scrutinise rabbinical rulings. Even if they lack the learning to understand context and nuance. Rabbis beware… Does that let Karim of the hook? That depends what you expect of him.’

IDF's chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime
– Elisha Ben Kimon, Telem Yahav & Kobi Nachshoni – Ynet News 12.07.16
Col. Eyal Karim, the IDF's intended next chief rabbi, has previously provided misogynistic interpretations of Jewish law such as opposing female conscription, seemingly permitting rape of 'attractive Gentile’ women as a morale-booster for soldiers in time of war and opposing female singers at IDF ceremonies. Female MKs, women's rights organisations and others have called for his appointment to be cancelled. [He has also previously said that wounded terrorists should be killed, that homosexuals are ill or disabled, and that women are sentimental.]

UK Jews warn over new ‘dangerous and regrettable’ IDF chief rabbi
- Stephen Oryszczuk - Jewish News Online 14.07.16
The heads of Reform, Liberal and Masorti Judaism wrote to the Israeli army about Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim’s promotion. ‘The impact of words so misguided and harmful cannot be washed away by the passing of time… As rabbinic leaders we fiercely refute the notion that any part of Jewish law has condoned the use of rape in wartime.’ 


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