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Nearly one in four Jews worldwide will be ultra-Orthodox by 2040: study

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Published: 6 May 2022

Last updated: 4 March 2024

A different survey by the Jewish People Policy Institute finds right-wing Jews in Israel less likely to see shared future with Arabs

Nearly one in four Jews will be ultra-Orthodox by 2040, new study says (Haaretz)
Projected boom in Haredi population worldwide is attributed to other factors besides high fertility rates – including longevity, say researchers from the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research

Two-in-five British Jews will be strictly Orthodox by 2040, new study finds (Jewish News)
It projects high fertility and low mortality rates will help the Charedi population double in size in less than two decades

Poll: In Israel, right-wing Jews now less likely to see shared future with Arabs (Times of Israel)
New survey from Jewish People Policy Institute shows deepening entrenchment of attitudes among different segments of Israeli society, likely due to recent political shifts

The poll also found that Arab Israelis are now much more likely to believe that Jewish Israelis are extremists than they were four years ago, with only 8 percent saying that “very few” Jewish Israelis were extremists today as compared to the 23% that said so in 2018.

Should Jews be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount? many Israelis think so, poll shows (Haaretz)
According to a survey of Jewish Israelis, half of them support Jewish prayer at the holy Jerusalem site, despite recurring Israeli promises to maintain the status quo

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