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The past 50 years of Israeli occupation – and the next?

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cr: Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

Published: 3 June 2017

Last updated: 4 March 2024

The past 50 Years of Israeli occupation. And the next. – Nathan Thrall – The New York Times 02.06.17
Israel’s ability to keep control of the land indefinitely, without wedding itself to the Palestinian inhabitants (taking the dowry, but not the bride) has stood on three main pillars: US backing, Palestinian weakness and Israeli indifference.

The man on the heels of Israel’s settlement enterprise – Edo Konrad – +972 Magazine 01.06.17
Since 1967, the settlements have grown into Israel’s national project. Nearly a million Israeli citizens live beyond the Green Line, while their Palestinian neighbours live under military rule. A journey to the West Bank with Dror Etkes, who has dedicated the last two decades to monitoring the goings on in Israel’s backyard.

And see: Construction okayed on new settlement for Amona evacuees – Jacob Magid – The Times of Israel 28.05.17
Residents want temporary outpost built on future West Bank site in the meantime, and threaten unilateral moves if ignored.


Israel deepens its control of land in the West Bank

Dispossession of Palestinian agricultural land in the West Bank

Re-mapping of ‘state land’ aids settlement project in West Bank

Misuse of closed zones in the West Bank


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